Renae has been employed with VitalCare for over 2 years. Prior to joining VitalCare, Renae spent 5+ years working with Children who have special needs. Renae started off working with VitalCare’s pediatric team and quickly expressed her passion to work with children that have behavioral health challenges. After completing some additional training, she transitioned to the behavioral health team. Renae loves working with this population and enjoys helping the children thrive and be successful. Renae understands the importance of children’s needs and serves as a positive role model for them. Renae provides respite care to all of VitalCare teams including behavioral health, pediatric, and our adult team. Outside of work, Renae enjoys cooking and watching movies. Some of her clients described her as a “professional artist” due to her skilled art pieces that she does with her clients. Thanks, Renae for the work that you do here at VitalCare, you are really an asset to the team and the organization.