Pediatric Personal Care

VitalCare provides pediatric personal care services to patients 20 years old and younger.

Personal care is non-medical assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). Pediatric personal care services can take different forms; such as completing a task, supervising a child to ensure a task is performed safely, showing a child how to complete a task, or reminding or cueing a child to complete a task.

Through the The Pediatric Personal Care Benefit, we are focused on 17 personal care tasks:

Bathing / Showering Shaving
Dressing Skin Care
Feeding Bowel Care
Medication Reminders Bowel Program
Ambulation / Locomotion Catheter Care
Meal Preparation Bladder Care
Hair Care / Grooming Positioning
Mouth Care / Oral CareTransfer
Nail Care

Your Personal Care Worker (PCW) is carefully selected with your child’s needs and your family in mind. We make it a priority to match your child with a PCW who is trained to provide the care your child needs, and someone who will fit with your family.

For more information on the Pediatric Personal Care Benefit see the State of Colorado benefit page.

If you are a Medicaid Member, and you want to see if you can start getting personal care services through the PPCB, contact our office at 888-664-4222 or complete the “Request” form on this page.