In March we celebrated World Music Therapy Day (March 1st) and Music Therapy Month in Colorado.  Since the beginning of World Music Therapy Day in 2016, people all around the world have been celebrating the amazing benefits and healing power of music therapy. Colorado takes it one step further and dedicates the entire month of March to honoring the amazing work Music Therapists throughout Colorado are providing. 

Music Therapy uses evidenced based techniques to work on improving or maintaining functional skills in a fun and engaging way.  Sessions include creative interventions, individually designed for a person’s specific needs, and frequently includes the use of a wide variety of music, instruments, movement and singing.  Music Therapy can be used to address cognitive skills, emotional needs, social skills, speech and language, motor skills, sensory needs, self-expression, overall wellness, pain, quality of life and much more. 

At VitalCare we have an incredible team of therapists and we are so proud of all the hard work and dedication they provide our clients!

Have you ever engaged in music therapy?  We would love to hear your stories!