Personal Care Worker (PCW)

At VitalCare, we know that world-class home support starts with world-class employees.  We are in search of angels to serve as personal care workers in our growing personal care network.

Our ideal employee is a unique, caring person who finds deep satisfaction in brightening the lives of elderly and infirm clients and their families.  He or she is the glue that holds things together for families struggling to meet the daily needs of an aging or ailing loved one.   This is truly meaningful work for a gifted care provider who enjoys helping others.

If this sounds like you, we would like to meet you.  We know how rare you are, so we provide competitive compensation, benefits, and training.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Complete agency training or provide proof of experience in the provision of home-care tasks.
  2. Pass a home-care competency evaluation.
  3. Maintain a tidy home environment that ensures the safety and wellbeing of the client.
  4. Stay on top of household chores, including meal preparation, cleaning, and laundry.
  5. Help with activities such as shopping, transportation, and scheduling appointments.
  6. Provide excellent companionship in the form of conversation, emotional reassurance, and coordination of mentally stimulating activities.
  7. Assist with activities of daily living.  Activities may include skin care, ambulation, bathing, dressing, exercise, hair care, mouth care, positioning, shaving, bladder and bowel care, transfers, medication reminders, and more.
  8. Provide thorough notes regarding service provision during each visit.
  9. Possess a deep understanding of delineation of care worker roles. Be able to quickly identify scenarios that call for more skilled care or medical treatment.
  10.  Quickly report any deterioration in client’s mental or physical condition to supervisor.
  11. Maintain timely records of home visits.
  12. Provide standard infection control precautions, basic first aid, and home safety.
  13. Attend periodic educational sessions (normally 6 sessions per year).
  14. Participate in care coordination conferences, staff meetings, and agency committee meetings.
  15. Perform other related functions as needed.
  16. Maintain confidentiality in all aspects of job performance.
  17. Comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and standards.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. At least 18 years of age.
  2. Possesses a high school diploma or GED.
  3. Able to communicate and understand communication effectively in exchanges between the client, family representatives, and other providers;
  4. Successful completion of a written competency exam related to the agency PCW training course.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Working knowledge of principles and procedures for personal care in a home setting.
  2. Comfort in dealing with sensitive family issues and issues related to the aging process.
  3. Working knowledge of nutrition and food service.
  4. Conscientious, observant, and proactive. We want you to carefully document your services and report any changes in the client’s health.
  5. Ability to communicate effectively in person and in writing.
  6. Easily establishes rapport with managers, clients, families, and colleagues.

Special Requirements:

  1. Valid, current state driver’s license and access to a reliable automobile or reliable public transportation.
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