Companion Care

Companion Care

Juggling the chores of daily living is a struggle at any age. As our bodies age, once manageable tasks can begin to hinder our safety, health, and happiness. Even as we continue to thrive and be active and involved in our communities, the demands of daily living can become overwhelming.

VitalCare helps you stay in control. Whether you are seeking support for yourself or for a family member, our experts will assess and offer you a wide variety of care options to choose among.

We can step in at any level of companionship. You may want a trustworthy employee to attend to impersonal matters, such as mowing the lawn and chauffeuring. Or you may desire a companion, someone to plan meals or to plan social engagements.

VitalCare understands. And we are there to help. Our care options include services ranging from:

  • companionship and entertainment
  • to social events
  • to hosting or visiting friends
  • to shopping and errands
  • to personal correspondence and memoirs
  • to medication reminders
  • to scrapbooking or home projects
  • to safety and security

Just ask. VitalCare can step in where needed. We provide the happiness that comes with knowing that everything and everyone is taken care of.